How Do You Define Your Legacy

What words do you use to define legacy? Some recite the dictionary definition of legacy. Others look at an individual’s legacy after they pass. Others define legacy as the gift they have given the world during their lifespan. A person’s purpose, passion, spirit, compassion, and knowledge are gift wrapped into one ball for future generations. We each leave our own essence on the world; however, not all legacies fulfill the same purpose.


Let us explore how we can define legacy on your terms.

When future generations learn about your deeds, will they be proud of your accomplishments? When you are old and grey, you want to know that you made a difference.


Do You Define Legacy Through?


old-time-piece  Family & Friends

How will your family & friends remember you? Were you the hub of the family? Did you teach your kids how important they were in the world? Did you stand by friends in tough times? A large part of your legacy is from the memories you leave behind for your closest friends and family members.




Maybe your legacy will be as a titan of business or a prominent member of the chamber of commerce. Did your enterprise create thousands of jobs for hard-working men and women across the globe? How did your services provide real value to clients? Every business professional must answer these questions at some point in their career.VW beetle



For some being able to create a contribution to their community is vitally important to their legacy. Some will define legacy in the public service, volunteering, or civic service activities they pursued.  The question we all ask about how to help others.



Your legacy might refer to the values people see in your deeds. Mother Theresa’s legacy of giving has inspired millions to give of their money, time, and thoughts. Using some courage and peaceful resistance in the face of overwhelming odds, Mahatma Gandhi changed an empire. His movement ushered in a new era for his people. How will your actions define future generations?



Define what you want in life so bad that you would give up sweat, tears, and blood to make it happen. What empowers you to be a better person?

Understand how your values and skills can build on that passion.  When you know your passion, you can define legacy on your terms.

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