3 Ways to Make Deposits into Your Confidence Bank Account

Piggy bank with the lifebuoyIt’s all too easy to overlook the wonderful things about ourselves when the world is constantly pointing out the things that are not. It’s important for us to be in charge of our own ‘confidence bank account’ and to make many deposits so we do not become overdrawn when the world makes withdraws.  As leaders it is our job to also fill our teams “confidence bank account” if we want happy, energized and inspired employees.

Here are some boosters that can help keep you and your teams’ confidence bank account full:


#1 – Be aware of your successes.

Draw a success time line. Divide your life into decades and mark your successes. Has your definition of success changed over the years?  When you complete that keep a success journal. Literally write down a record of all successes, both great and small.  By writing them down you can review them.  This way when self-doubt sneaks in to your mind, you can review your successes and reframe your current challenges in a more positive light.

#2-Reward for sucleadership trainingcess.

Create a reward system for yourself. Every time you do something right, make sure you give yourself a gold star or an awesome sticker. Also make a list of the things that make you happy and reward yourself regularly. It could be a luxurious bubble bath, time for a play date with your husband, a massage, theater tickets or for a major celebration a weekend getaway. Get in the habit of recognizing and rewarding yourself for succeeding in life rather than punishing yourself for coming up short.

#3- Reward your teams success.

A key leadership trait is the ability to make people feel important and a valued member of your team. You can never tell them enough what a difference they have made. In fact small surprises and tokens of your appreciation throughout the year are a great morale booster. Free report available on 10 ways to say thank you at work. http://thewinningadventure.com/freeresources.php

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