Walk About Change: Create A Positive Mindset

Walk About Change: Create A Positive Mindset

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It is so easy to walk around and notice what is wrong in the world. It is so easy to see only the negative when the news reports 99.9% of the time our inhumanity to man, violence, corruption. We are skilled at pointing out what is wrong with our friends and family, the neighbors, our coworkers or our boss. We all know someone who spends all their time complaining about the country, the politicians, yet they offer no solutions.

It takes practice to see the positive in people. It takes practice to see opportunities in challenges. It takes practice to turn negativity into a positive mindset. I was a person who believed the glass was half empty, no really it was empty. I was the victim of people and circumstances and I hated living that way. So I made a decision to change that.

Here are three of my favorite tools to begin the journey.

  1. Walk about change. Take a walk down your block bring a camera or a notebook with you. When you walk one way look for everything wrong. Record it. Maybe a couple kids spray painted a wall or the neighbor never mows the lawn. People are hanging out on their porches and watching my every move. Now turn around and walk back looking for everything that is right. The neighbors know who I am and watch out for me. The kids are so talented with the graffiti I wish I could find a way to use their artistry. Maybe the neighbor’s mower is broken and I could lend them mine. What story are you telling yourself?
  2. Turn around challenge. Find something you think is ugly  and stare it until you can find something beautiful about it.ugliest dog You can think about a challenge you went through and find out the gifts you received from it. I never could see how being sexually abused could be positive. But it made me the person I am today: an activist, author, speaker and leader.
  3. Write an affirmation. Draw a line down the middle of your paper. On the left write. I see the positive in life on the other side write down oh this is crap or whatever comes up for you. Keep writing I see the positive is life and all your negative thoughts until there aren’t anymore. Then put your affirmation on an index card and put it above your desk, in your car on your mirror and repeat throughout the day.

Negative thinking empowers a problem. It takes us out of peace and harmony with ourselves. It keeps us contracted and stressed. When we look for what is right in the world…we expand. We feel revitalized and alive. When we have a positive mindset we see solutions and contribute to being the change we want to see in the world.

What are some of the tools you use to create a positive mindset?

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