Gift of Imagination


We have this gift called imagination. As children we played make believe for hours, we were race car drivers, movie stars winning an Oscar or we were scientists living on Mars. We lived in the realm of imagination where anything was possible, our imagination was a bright and wondrous place to be. Then around five or six well meaning teachers said ” stop day dreaming, stick to the facts,” and we shut down our joyful imagination.

As adults we tend to use our imagination to envision the worst instead of the best. How many times have you noticed when your children were late getting home  your mind went to  there was an accident, they are in a ditch. When I was  getting divorced I kept imagining I was going to be a bag lady living in the street.( it never happened) Our minds are very powerful image makers and search engines. So the question becomes what is the vision you want to carry in your mind, freedom or oppression, peace or turmoil, lack or abundance, health or disease, love or hate? Instead of imagining what we don’t want it is time to start using our imagination effectively create what we do want.

I have been studying Napoleon Hill for several years and he says.” Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivable, powerful force the world has ever known.”  I believe that. So as creative, imaginative human beings what would you like to create for yourself, your family, your community and for the world? The question isn’t what do you think you can create,  rather what does a life that you would love to create, look like? What do you want to create with the gift of  your imagination?

What do you want. Buy yourself a journal. Take the time for yourself. You are worth it. Keep asking yourself what do I want. But instead of saying I don’t want to be sick, Say I want to be healthy. Instead of I don’t want to be stressed. I want to be calm and peaceful. I don’t want to be in debt rather I want more than enough money  to pay my bills and take care of my needs. Make it in the positive, your thoughts are magnets. Here is my partial list.

1. I want to paint and collage more
2.I want to have more fun and adventure in my life
3.I want to make welcome my beloved
4.I want to serve more people and host a Creative Activist retreat in April
5.I want to buy sexy new clothes in a size 12
6.I want more flexibility and stamina to walk 10,000 steps daily
7.I want the financial freedom  to spend three months in California
8.I want  a deeper  connection to Spirit
9.I want to travel and explore the world with family and friends

Now it is your turn to  write down at least 50 things that you want to have, do or be in 2016. If you want more information on using the gift of your imagination get our free visioning and goal setting report.

Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week



Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week 

World Creativity and Innovation Week was the brainchild of Marci Segal. During World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 people are acknowledged, informed, inspired and encouraged to use their creativity – to be open to and generate new ideas, to be open to and make new decisions and to be open to and take new actions – that make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.

It’s something you create it for your home, your school, your community, your business, with your customers.

Here are twenty things you can do starting today.

  1. Listen to my conversation with founder  and creative activist Marci Segal
  2. Eat an ice cream sundae for breakfast
  3. Take a different route to work
  4. Make a meal you never did before
  5. Have your family make a centerpiece out of found objects
  6. Have a come as you wish you were party
  7. Talk to a stranger and ask them what they need…and get it for them                                                                             marci_segal_photo_
  8. Sing in the shower
  9. Learn something new
  10. Dream a better world and take one action step to make it a reality
  11. Imagine yourself as a superhero
  12. Ask what if questions
  13. Organize recess at your office
  14. Write a  big thank you to everyone you know and post it on Facebook
  15. Create a vision board on Pinterest
  16. Take a selfie
  17. Scribble and doodle
  18. Take an architectural tour of your hometown
  19. Plant a garden
  20. Visit a new art gallery or museum

The possibilities are endless, nothing is too small. This is your time to create new ideas, make new decision and take new actions.  Join me and other Creative Activists as we come together to support and share our creativity to make the world a better place. »



Creativity For Social Change


Creativity For Social Change                                                                                                                                                                    be the change


 I came across this powerful video today, that is the epitome of using creativity for social change. Some brave individuals risked their lives to document human rights atrocities around the world. Because of them things have changed in their countries, some of the worst offenders have been prosecuted..stories have been told that we needed to hear and see. Everyone has the ability to make a difference. Instead of complaining and whining why doesn’t someone do something about a problem… become part of the solution.  Create a legacy that you will proud of. Please take the time to watch this short video and pass it on. You are more powerful then you think.

I would love to hear about other projects that use creativity for social change.

Creating Calm In The Middle Of Chaos

you can ride it

Don’t you hate it when you can’t turn off the  internal chatter in your head?

Yesterday was one of those days. From the moment I woke up I was muddled. My  mind was in chaos. I have been busy redoing my website and thinking “it is not quite right, I don’t know what to do.” This  chatter got so loud I was not able to really focus on the conversations I was having at a networking event.

It’s only natural that we worry about stuff, our kids, loved ones, careers, finances, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. However, when these chaotic voices, distracting thoughts, become too loud that we find it difficult to concentrate, we need to let them go. Obviously it would be best if we can sit down and deal with our concerns. Call the teacher, go the bank or talk to your boss about some time off. But if there is no apparent solution in the present moment, it is important you have coping strategies to get you through the day.


When it comes to creating calm in the middle of my chaotic mind loop  I use these  tools.

  1. Let go, let God letter. Just start writing, spilling out all the worries and concerns to God. Don’t edit or judge. Just write. Then ask Spirit for guidance. Please show me what it is I need to know about this situation. Then let it go.
  2. Scribble and doodle. Get a box of crayons. Pick out two colors that express what you are feeling. Put the first one in your non-dominate hand and scribble. Then pick up the second crayon and scribble again. Then color and doodle. When it feels complete, title and date it. Research has shown that 20 minutes involved in a creative activity  will lower your blood pressure and your body will release pleasure filled endorphins.
  3. Just Breathe. Sit quietly and focus on your breath.Imagine with each inhale you feel peace and calm. Every exhale you release stress and chaos. 

If I am dealing with a specific  problem I will:

  1. Draw a mandala  Mandala means sacred circle in Sanskrit. It is one small circle inside a larger one.  Define the problem in the center then  draw or  write  everything you know on the subject in the outside circle.
  2. Relax and take a break. Do something mindless such as taking a walk, doing the laundry, watch tv, or take a nap.
  3. Call other people. Sometimes sharing a” brain dump” breaks the endless chatter.


 let go

Do you use a specific technique to turn off the chaotic chatter running around in your head? Tell us about your favorite method and how effective it is at “letting thoughts go”.



How Do You Define Your Legacy

What words do you use to define legacy? Some recite the dictionary definition of legacy. Others look at an individual’s legacy after they pass. Others define legacy as the gift they have given the world during their lifespan. A person’s purpose, passion, spirit, compassion, and knowledge are gift wrapped into one ball for future generations. We each leave our own essence on the world; however, not all legacies fulfill the same purpose.


Let us explore how we can define legacy on your terms.

When future generations learn about your deeds, will they be proud of your accomplishments? When you are old and grey, you want to know that you made a difference.


Do You Define Legacy Through?


old-time-piece  Family & Friends

How will your family & friends remember you? Were you the hub of the family? Did you teach your kids how important they were in the world? Did you stand by friends in tough times? A large part of your legacy is from the memories you leave behind for your closest friends and family members.




Maybe your legacy will be as a titan of business or a prominent member of the chamber of commerce. Did your enterprise create thousands of jobs for hard-working men and women across the globe? How did your services provide real value to clients? Every business professional must answer these questions at some point in their career.VW beetle



For some being able to create a contribution to their community is vitally important to their legacy. Some will define legacy in the public service, volunteering, or civic service activities they pursued.  The question we all ask about how to help others.



Your legacy might refer to the values people see in your deeds. Mother Theresa’s legacy of giving has inspired millions to give of their money, time, and thoughts. Using some courage and peaceful resistance in the face of overwhelming odds, Mahatma Gandhi changed an empire. His movement ushered in a new era for his people. How will your actions define future generations?



Define what you want in life so bad that you would give up sweat, tears, and blood to make it happen. What empowers you to be a better person?

Understand how your values and skills can build on that passion.  When you know your passion, you can define legacy on your terms.

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