Forgiveness Challenge

 Forgiveness Challenge


Do you wait for other people to apologize?

Have you turned unforgivness into a habit?

Are you able to forgive yourself?

According to Fred Luskin, Ph.D. a psychologist and researcher at Stanford University and the co-founder of the Forgiveness Project. “Unresolved hurt and anger prevents you from being flexible and adaptive and ultimately less capable of generating and optimal response.”

Sometimes the stuff we carry around for years affects how we conduct ourselves from day to day. “Every time you’re reminded of someone or something that caused you emotional distress, it’s another reminder of your helplessness, says Luskin who also teaches forgiveness classes.

Researchers in the field of positive psychology have given considerable attention to the matter of forgiveness. Their findings show that forgiveness does not entail forgetting, nor does it entail pardoning or condoning. The goal of forgiveness is not reconciliation. The goal of is to replace the wounds, restore and increase personal wellbeing for the one who forgives.

You can choose to stay stuck, bitter and a victim, or you can do yourself a favor by willingly forgiving what happened in the past; letting it go; and then moving on to create a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life. You have the freedom to make your life anything you want it to be because you have freedom of choice.

Let’s explore, experiment and play in the realm of forgiveness for the next week.

  1. Writing a letter of forgiveness is a powerful tool of transformation. In the letter, describe an incident where someone wronged you. Be sure to include the emotions that you were feeling at the time of the incident. Do not feel compelled to actually share the contents of the letter with the actual person you are imagining. You can keep it, burn it or release it to the water. If you decide to send it be prepared for feedback and consequences. You might get a call, text or email or absolutely nothing.


  1. Answer the following prompts: When I forgive others I change in the following positive ways…When I forgive myself I will….


  1. Create an affirmation of forgiveness, keep it in your purse, put it on your tablet, put it in your car or mirror. Repeat it several times during the day. Some examples: Forgiving other allows me to accept people for who they are rather than what I want them to be. I forgive myself for not being perfect. I release myself from my anger and let the past go. I forgive everyone from my life and love myself. I move beyond forgiveness to understanding and I have compassion and kindness for all. I am forgiving, loving, gentle and kind and am safe in the knowledge that life loves me. Forgiveness is a gift I give to myself over and over again. When I make a mistake, I realize that it is only part of the learning process.


  1. Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu have developed a four step process to teach you how to forgive. Desmond Tutu knows a few things about forgiveness. As one of the spearheading members of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commissionthat provided a platform for victims and perpetrators of apartheid, Tutu believes that forgiveness is “the way we stop our human community from unraveling.” Listen to this video now.

It is time to dive into forgiveness because you will:                                                                

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Be more empathetic
  • Increase your capacity for joy
  • Bring peace to the world

I am Rae Luskin, the author of ART from my HEART, and the award winning book, The Creative Activist: Make the World Better, One Person, One Action at a Time. My vision is create world where women and children are safe. They are free to step into their brilliance, power and purpose. They have access to quality education and healthcare. They have the freedom to be, do, have, and create anything they want. Forgiveness is a cornerstone of personal responsibility and global healing and change.

I would love to hear about your forgiveness experiences and tools below.


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