You Make A Difference


in big world you make a differnce

You Make A Difference

The Problem:

1 out of 3 Americans have low self esteem

1 out of 3 teens are bullied each year

30% of kids in America drop out of high school

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-24 year old.

Teen suicide has risen 400% in the last 30 years.

How can we make a difference?

Mary Robinson Reynolds. M.S. is the author numerous books and the producer of the internet videos and the Acknowledgement which have been viewed over ten million time. Mary is a creative activist and she makes a difference. 

What is the creative activist?                                mary robinson reynolds
The creative activist opens doors, raises public awareness as a call to action for social change. They use creativity as a tool to teach, bridge gaps, to foster understanding and social justice.  They support the development of capacities, skills and talents that activate both individuals and groups. They encourage inventiveness, originality and creativity to raise self-esteem and solve community problems.




Mary spent her early professional years as a k-8 teacher and then as a k-12 counselor. She had tremendous and measurable academic success with kids that had been written off by the system. She developed “attitudinal” energy techniques to empower students and their parents to effectively bridge communications and leadership within the educational system.

Over the years she parlayed her phenomenal success with at risk kids into Continuing Education Courses for Portland State University on how to be energetically effective educators. She was also an active network marketing business builder in The People’s Network (TPN) – a Positive Television company. Known as “The Success Channel,” it was one of the most revolutionary concepts ever introduced to the television industry. “In 2006 I discovered online movies as a medium for inspirational storytelling that touches the heart and inspires the spirit,” she says.  “Today is the perfect time for telling everyone you know about the power of meaningful gestures.” In 2007, Mary Robinson Reynolds, Make A Difference flash movie maker, was introduced to Helice “Sparky”  Bridges by one of her own subscribers, and the two women joined their intentions to make the world a better place. Mary and Heart Productions & Publishing then created the version of this powerful and heart grabbing story, which makes me cry every time I watch it. the acknowledgment

Mary says it is critical to the world, our communities and families that we acknowledge three people everyday. She has put forth a challenge that for 30 days you touch someone; it can be a pat on the back, a verbal acknowledgement or a virtual hug.  When she was in grad school she was going through a very rough time, looking for love in all the wrong places, struggling with school and her counselor gave her this assignment. She said it was challenging and painful in the beginning  but then  it changed her life.  She says when we do this, it  transforms your own life and  your circle of influence. When we grow and celebrate each others dreams, goals and accomplishments  people will step into their greatness and their authentic self.  It ignites new conversations. It changes work cultures.

Who you are does make a difference.What you do can change the world. Personally I have created blessing or appreciation cards. I once went to a conference and we all rushed to the food court for lunch. People were hungry and testy. The poor cashier was overwhelmed.  I gave her a card that said you are magnificent. She smiled, held it up for everyone and said I am magnificent at the top of her lungs. She changed and she changed the people in the room. Everyone just relaxed and smiled. Who are you going to acknowledge today? act as if

If you go to website you will also find appreciation cards you can create yourself.



My Favorite 20 Acts of Random Kindness


My favorite 20 Acts of Random Kindness.

I first heard the saying practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty many years ago. Since then I have been the recipient and the giver. I found myself in San Francisco attending a conference. It came down to the last day and I did not have enough cash to take the bus to the airport. I asked the clerk at the hotel could they add money on my bill to cover it and he said no. I was freaking out so he gave me $20 out of his pocket to cover the expenses. I said please give me your address and I will mail it back. He said no PAY IT FORWARD. I did. Here are 20 of my favorite acts of random kindness.

1. Smile at someone. You never know what they are going through and it can make all the difference.

2. Really listen to someones response when you ask how are you?

3. Let someone merge in front of you in traffic.

4. Put your iPhone away and give your child your undivided attention.

5.Speak to the homeless person on the street. Ask them what they need and get it for them.

6. Pay for the person behind you at the cash register.

7. Buy some balloons and pass them out.

8.Give a cold bottle of water to the workmen in your neighborhood.

9. Click for a cause so the organization  can get funds.

10. For one day ride your bike or walk to work to lower your carbon footprint.

11. Read to a child.

12. When you walk your dog pick up some other dog’s poop.

13. Return a stray shopping cart.

14. Write a sticky note thank you and leave it on your plate.kindness2-300x213

15. Start a family  kindness journal.

16.Assist a senior in their garden.

17. Make a build a bear for a local charity.

18. Collect art supplies and books to take to the children’s hospital.

19. Bake some cookies for your neighbor or co-worker.

20. Make some appreciation cards and pay them forward.

What is your favorite act of random kindness?

The Butterfly Effect: Pay It Forward

The Butterfly Effect

In 1963 mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz presented to the New York Academy of Sciences a theory that said:                     blue butterfly

A butterfly could flap its wings and set molecules of air in motion, which would move other molecules of air, in turn moving more molecules of air- eventually capable of starting a hurricane on the other side of the world. His ideas were scoffed at and ridiculed for decades. But then 30 years later scientists came to the conclusion that it was accurate and viable.

The same theory applies to the decisions or actions we take now, no matter how small they are. What we think and do matters and plays a huge role in determining the quality  of our lives and the lives of others. We all have a tremendous sphere of influence; family, friends community, co-workers. We have no idea what our impact can have on other people – just smiling  or saying have a great day may start a personal transformation for some people.

This is why Gandhi’s famous quote Be the change you want to see in the world,” is so effective. It shows how one decision to change our personal world can end up inspiring others to do the same.

I am writing today because I just finished delivering holiday cookies to the library. There is a homeless man that sits there every day reading. I brought him a Jewel card. He said thanks and are you the lady who gave me one this summer in the park? I said yes. He said I hope you aren’t mad but I used part of it to buy treats for the other dogs in the park. I said it was a gift you can do anything you want with it. He paid it forward…a man who lives on the streets.

Then I actually sat down and talked with him for fifteen minutes. He is well read and just finished reading Abraham Herschel’s book The Sabbath  and Kaplan’s The History of  Jewish Civilization. I asked him why you don’t go somewhere warmer in the winter. He teared up and said this has been my family home since 1911. I am the last person alive. He told me he gets so mad when people say move to a community with more services for your kind. He said this is one of the wealthiest communities, why go to a poorer area and take from their meager resources. He gave me much to consider. I walked away from our encounter changed. He gave me  the gift.

                                     man and ripple

 This Is A Call To Action.

Pay It Forward.

 A kind word, a smile, a conversation with a lonely person is a gift to yourself.



Rae Luskin is the author of Art From My Heart and coming soon Stuck to Unstoppable: Unleash Your Passion, Purpose and Possibilities.

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