Walk About Change: Create A Positive Mindset

Walk About Change: Create A Positive Mindset

positive mindeset

It is so easy to walk around and notice what is wrong in the world. It is so easy to see only the negative when the news reports 99.9% of the time our inhumanity to man, violence, corruption. We are skilled at pointing out what is wrong with our friends and family, the neighbors, our coworkers or our boss. We all know someone who spends all their time complaining about the country, the politicians, yet they offer no solutions.

It takes practice to see the positive in people. It takes practice to see opportunities in challenges. It takes practice to turn negativity into a positive mindset. I was a person who believed the glass was half empty, no really it was empty. I was the victim of people and circumstances and I hated living that way. So I made a decision to change that.

Here are three of my favorite tools to begin the journey.

  1. Walk about change. Take a walk down your block bring a camera or a notebook with you. When you walk one way look for everything wrong. Record it. Maybe a couple kids spray painted a wall or the neighbor never mows the lawn. People are hanging out on their porches and watching my every move. Now turn around and walk back looking for everything that is right. The neighbors know who I am and watch out for me. The kids are so talented with the graffiti I wish I could find a way to use their artistry. Maybe the neighbor’s mower is broken and I could lend them mine. What story are you telling yourself?
  2. Turn around challenge. Find something you think is ugly  and stare it until you can find something beautiful about it.ugliest dog You can think about a challenge you went through and find out the gifts you received from it. I never could see how being sexually abused could be positive. But it made me the person I am today: an activist, author, speaker and leader.
  3. Write an affirmation. Draw a line down the middle of your paper. On the left write. I see the positive in life on the other side write down oh this is crap or whatever comes up for you. Keep writing I see the positive is life and all your negative thoughts until there aren’t anymore. Then put your affirmation on an index card and put it above your desk, in your car on your mirror and repeat throughout the day.

Negative thinking empowers a problem. It takes us out of peace and harmony with ourselves. It keeps us contracted and stressed. When we look for what is right in the world…we expand. We feel revitalized and alive. When we have a positive mindset we see solutions and contribute to being the change we want to see in the world.

What are some of the tools you use to create a positive mindset?

Creative Leaders Spark Change Around The World

Creative Leaders spark change around the world.

In my last blog I introduced the concept of the creative edge. It is the way you live your life. It is the way you parent, solve problems, and make a difference in the world. It is being resilient, inventive and original. It is supporting your unique visions and going to the creative edge. The  qualities of a  creative leader are:  Courageous, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, Authentic, Tenacious, Inspired, Vibrant, Empowered.

Meet Jonny Imerman



Jonny Imerman was a typical college graduate, working in real estate during the day and attending classes at night for his MBA. Jonny played basketball, worked out at the gym and hung out with friends. Then at 26 his life changed.

 Jonny was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After doctors surgically removed one of his testicles, he underwent five months of chemotherapy and was declared clear. But almost a year later, four tumors popped up again near his spine which required another surgery, an 11-inch incision and three months of recovery.

Jonny has been cancer-free since 2003. He left the business world behind and began Imerman Angels a not-for-profit organization that connects a person fighting with cancer with someone who has survived and beaten the same type of cancer. The mission is to provide a big brother or sister to help inspire, provide tips and knowledge. They have created a global healing community of over 4000 survivors and 1500 caregivers . The service is available to anyone touched by any type of cancer living in 60 countries around the world for free.

Rae: What inspired you to create Imerman Angels?

Jonny: “I had made a vow to myself during the time that I was battling cancer. I had looked at others in the oncology clinic and realized that I was different. Each day, my mom was there.She was there every step of the way.  My room was filled with family and friends. As I walked down the hall with my chemotherapy IV-pole on the way to the bathroom, I saw other people fighting cancer alone. They were lying in bed, motionless, watching television or staring in space.  I knew this was not right. It really upset me. So I started chatting with other cancer patients.I’ d say hi my name is Jonny. We could talk about our emotions, our experiences, things our family couldn’t get like sucking on lemonheads to get the metallic taste out of our mouth.

“I wondered: “What if every cancer fighter could talk to a cancer survivor who was uniquely familiar with their experience; who not only had beaten the same type and stage of cancer, but who also was the same age and gender as the fighter?” The cancer survivor would be an angel- walking, living proof that the fighter could win, too. What an amazing connection. “

“Let’s say a 19 year old girl at University of Richmond get’s sick, she is alone and afraid. She can go on facebook and talk to an angel  to find out know what is going to happen to her,” how sick will I get, will I be able to have kids?   Also cancer caregivers, family members and friends also benefit from one-on-one connections with other caregivers and survivors.

 Rae: How would you define courage?

 Jonny:  Courage, when you reach a certain point where you absolutely have no fear of failure.You don’t listen to other people saying others have had that idea. Ultimately courage is listening to your own voice and believing that you can do it.

Rae:     What are the qualities of a great leader?catalyst of change

Johnny:   I think a great leader, number one is focused on a mission. A great leader believes in the service for the product that they’re delivering.  They believe in their soul, every part of their body, everything about them screams that they get it. They’re so fired up to build it and that’s what creates a movement. They have unwavering passion.

Rae: What is your definition of success?

 Jonny:” For me it’s really simply we’re changing lives, we’re improving lives in cancer, we’re making a difference.  I think the most successful people in the world are the people in social enterprise that are building a for-profit company that has a social component that makes the world a better place or nonprofits that simply make the world a better place. 

Rae: What continues to drive you?

Jonny: I love people. Everyone’s got a story. Everyone has been through challenges. I always say that if you talk to somebody for five minutes there’s always something that you don’t know that they do. You can learn from their experiences.

Rae:  What would you say to somebody who said they don’t know how make a difference but would like to?

 Johnny:    I think what you need to do is to dig deep and you think about what your family  has been touched by. It could be diabetes or cancer. Get in touch with one of the groups  that serve people in those arenas and start volunteering.  Be part of the solution.

If you want to be part of the solution visit www.ImermanAngels.org for information on how to support or join the network of cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

Cancer used to be said in a whisper. Now we have football players marching down the field in pink. How did that happen? We have people sharing their story or their families challenges. We have  creative leaders like Jonny Imerman  who brought to light the problems young adults face with cancer and did something about it .

If you know a Creative Leader who I should feature…please write me.



What Is Your Winning Adventure?

ready for adventure


How Do You Define the Winning Adventure?

Life is an adventure and we get to choose what we make of it. We get to choose how we see life. Is the glass half full or empty? We get to choose how we handle the challenges and the bumpy roads. We can complain, be a victim or we can look for the gifts. We get to choose how we make a difference in the world. Do you want to be a role model, a mentor or volunteer? You get to choose what is the best version of you. You get to choose how you show up in the world. What are you choosing today? What is your winning adventure?

My top fifteen.choose to see the good

  1. Helping others…from the time I was a little girl and I saw Shirley Temple in the movie Heidi, I knew that I had to help the Clara’s of the world: People who had grown comfortable in their pain and circumstances, frightened to reach out toward healing, wholeness and joy.
  2. Personal freedom…visiting new and exciting places while experiencing new cultures and hearing people’s stories:  riding a camel across the desert in Israel; eating fish and chips in front of the television with the owner of my New Zealand B and B; belly dancing in a local restaurant in Morocco.
  3.  Love…Being involved with family and friends in loving, compassionate and deep heartfelt ways. Having agreed to disagree conversations with my adult children and getting to be GRANDMA (Raspberry kisses, make believe and magic).
  4. Finding the fun in life…being able to laugh at myself and the things I have tried all in the name of losing weight or healing: shake rattle and roll machines; all the chocolate cream filled donuts you can eat and swimming for two hours diet; sitting in the car at midnight, waiting for the train to go by while I screamed at the top of my lungs.
  5. Being creative…from the time I was six and I had Miss Rae’s Art School; scribbles and doodle; reading tarot cards; or taking candid photographs of laundry around the world and intimate portraits of flowers.
  6. Being old enough to BREAK THE RULES: having dessert for breakfast (Crème Brule and almost any ice cream with gold brick topping and marshmallow fluff); saying NO to friends and families unreasonable and sometimes reasonable requests; and starting a new business at age 60.
  7. Say yes to wearing exquisite, vibrant colored clothes and accessories, and bold, big pieces of jewelry and my cowboy hat.cowboy hat
  8. Authenticity…Standing in my power and sharing my truth in print, live and on the radio.
  9.  Diva Rae singing in public, draped across the piano in a purple sequined gown, a sultry version of the itsy bitsy spider. (LOL)
  10. Being a spiritual eclectic: studying eastern and western religions; attending different services around the world; taking what I want and leaving the rest.
  11. Nature… Enjoying the sound of the seagulls, the sun shining on my face and the wind blowing in my hair.
  12. Envisioning a bigger, better, brilliant, abundant future without knowing the how.
  13. Gratitude…A big thank you for every moment I am alive.
  14. Watching So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice and listening to country music.
  15. The ultimate winning adventure …Loving Life! No matter what your past, you can choose to live creatively, passionately and joyfully.

Make your life and work a winning adventure.

Please share your winning adventure with me .Download your free vision and goal setting report.


What Is Your Winning Adventure for 2014?


Welcome to 2014 and The Winning Adventure!                                                                                                                                                                      biggest adventure

I’m Rae Luskin Chief Explorer and Tour Guide around here. But let’s be clear on one thing – while I have started this new facebook community https://www.facebook.com/winningadventure#, you are the ones who will make it what it is. It is not mine, it’s OURS.

I see my mission as pretty simple: Explore, Listen and Share

To explore myself, to listen to your story, and to share new tools so you can live your legacy now and become the hero of your own epic adventure.

Most of my life I lacked the confidence to go after my dreams. I was stuck in I am not good enough or I can’t mentality. I walked around with my head down, tip toeing around the elephant in the living room (gramps sexually abused me) trying to be a fly on the wall. I did not want anyone to find out my “secret.” I was afraid if you knew the real me you would go running from the room. Furthermore, I thought that if I was too visible, too outspoken, bad things would happen. In my family there was a lot of rage and verbal assaults.

My inner critic was on high alert most of the time. Who do you think you are? Don’t get too big for your britches? What are you stupid or crazy?

So I played it safe. I kept myself invisible. I did what  was expected of me. But I was miserable. Depressed. Obese. Lonely.  But with a sense of Adventure, Curiosity, and Creativity I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs and fear based behavior.  

 I became an author, artist, speaker and coach.  I went from shy to outspoken. Writing controversial opinions or often voicing the dissenting opinion at board meetings. I became an effective leader and community activist. As a radio talk show host I was able to share stories of victim to victor, from stuck to unstoppable and change my life and the lives of thousands of other people.

At The Winning Adventure we believe that everyone has a unique gift. It does not matter if you are a little league coach, head of the local PTO or the CEO of your business you have a sphere of influence. We are all leaders. Doing work you love and creating impact is your birthright.

You just have to be willing to do the work, make the discoveries and surround yourself with the people who make it possible. If we commit to doing that, the ‘impossible’ starts to become possible.  That’s when everything begins to change.  

That is what this community is designed to do for its members – for YOU. For all of us.

So in case you’re wondering what The Winning Adventure stands for around here, this is a breakdown of what we believe and how we live at The Winning Adventure. If it resonates, I hope you’ll stick around. This is just the beginning…

How an Idea Begins to Change the World

I heard a whisper… Interview 100 leaders across the country

The inner critic jumped in and said are you crazy? Who would listen to you?

Did the inner work and tapped into my courage.

In the last year I was blessed to interview over 120 leaders around the country.

Started writing Stuck to Unstoppable and the Creative Edge.

They inspired me and I am sure their stories will inspire you.

What I know for sure is everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood.

I want to create a safe space for you.

I want to know what makes you come alive.

Travel makes me come alive. It has been a passion of mine since my first trip to Europe with my family when I was 16. I was entranced by the people, the natural beauty, the aesthetics and different cultures and communities. I have traveled first class staying at five star hotels  or gone steerage in a cabin without a port hole. I have ridden a camel in Israel, had a snake wrapped around my neck in Morocco, and walked through the rainforest in New Zealand. I have found travel inspirational and transcendent. I got to act differently, try on new behavior, be anyone I wanted. I became an expert in resource management: money, time, energy, fun and learning. I got to tap into my courage muscle and be pioneer, an adventurer, navigator…a creative  leader. It was where I found out who I was, what was essential to  my well being.

The summer before my senior year in college while traveling with my best friend I made the decision to leave school and go into therapy for the first time.

After my trip to New Zealand in 1998 I came home and decided to open my own healing art center called Art and Soul Connections.

In 2001 during my trip to Italy I got to play tour guide and came up with my agenda for my new job as President of the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago, North Shore

I believe that life is an adventure.  It does not mean you have to go around the world. You can have an adventure at home, in this moment. It is an attitude. It is a calling. It is committing to your dreams. It takes some planning. So begin today.


  What is The Winning Adventure for you in the New Year?

where we belong

Here are some prompts:

If you knew you could not fail  would you like to do?

What are your greatest talents?

What have your life experiences prepared you to do?

What “problems” in the world touch your soul?

Who inspires you?

What are you curious about learning?

What makes your heart sing?

What do you want to be known and remembered for?


By listening to our inner voice we are actually being the change we want to see in the world.

I would love to hear from you what makes you come alive. What is The Winning Adventure for you? I want to support you on your journey.

Please like my new facebook page and tell us how we can support your dreams.  https://www.facebook.com/winningadventure#